About Us

We're a community, and we truly believe we can make a change and help closing the gender gap in technology!

Contact Info

  • Cologne, Germany
  • info@girlswayintech.com
  • all the time :)


Empowering girls in technology

Discord Community

We invite you to join our discord group, where we talk together about a lot of interesting topics, share experiences and help each-other!
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Virtual events

We’d love to have you with us on our online events, including hackathons, workshops, meetups etc,. We can learn so much from each-other
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Instagram Community

We are always in instagram with daily motivational posts. We’d love to have you with us there, building and growing #girlswayintech together!
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Our Blog

In our blog, we share useful posts related to technology, events of ours, motivational ones etc,. so take a look at our blog page!  
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