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We're a community, and we truly believe we can make a change and help closing the gender gap in technology!

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Girls Way in Tech

Welcome in Girls Way in Tech community! Girls Way in Tech started as an initiative in 2018 with the intention of supporting young girls which have a passion about science and technology, go for it. We are very happy that step by step we are achieving to build a community which offers support, mentoring and guidance for all the girls. It's Girls Way in Tech mission to support girls with the access and community they need to succeed in tech. Our community tends to bring together not only girls, everyone is welcomed. Only this way we can fulfill our mission on closing gender gap and helping young ladies to fit in this so-called men's world. This starts by treating ourselves equally.


Join the community, meet other tech-fans across the globe, grow your network and share experiences!


Join our hackathons, webinars and meetups! We can learn to code together and sharpen our skills!


Code, learn from our tutorials, challenge yourself with our hackathons. Let's build amazing projects together!

Empowering girls in technology

What is the #girlswayintech movement?

We are a community with members from all over the world with the same mission: inspiring and supporting girls in technology.

Watching the gender gap in STEM and tech, we came up with the idea of Girls Way In Tech, a community in which we help girls, share experiences, motivate those ones who are interested in choosing technology as their career path, make new connections, expand their network! Find out more about Girls Way In Tech in the Community page (click here)

Together we can make a change!

We are doing it wrong

We are doing it wrong is the perfect headline for what I want to share here. I've been actively supporting girls in STEM for the past years. I've been actively joining meetups and conferences which intended to support women in tech. In all of these events, the participants are girls…

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We are doing it wrong
Girls in IT

Girls in IT

This is my very first article dedicated to Girls in Technology. See the source. I got the idea to write this article from a friend of mine. While discussing about girls in programming world, I was wondering if girls are "discriminated"? Thinking deeper about this and considering all my situations…

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